Future Institute of Engineering and Management presents PHOENIX 2019. The official annual Techno-Management festival which is scheduled to be held from 6th to 8th April, 2019. Having grown exponentially since its nascent years, PHOENIX witnesses nearly a thousand footfall everyday, including participation from various colleges of West Bengal.

Events in Phoenix

PHOENIX organises a wide range of events catering to the sectors of engineering, basic sciences, management as well as humanities subjects. There is a plethora of technical, non-technical, gaming and management events like Robotics, Debate, Coding and Marketing. The special attractions being the carnival events including VR Gamming, Zorb Fight and Archery


PHOENIX aims towards infusing scientific and rational thinking in young minds. Guest lectures and special workshops forms an integral part of it encouraging students to reach that extra mile. After 12 successful years, PHOENIX is ready to achieve new heights with innovative events, more exciting prizes and lot of amazing surprises.


2.5 Lakhs