Phoenix is the annual Techno-Management fest of Future Institute of Engineering and Management, organized by XplOriCa , the official activity club of the college. This year, with the 19th edition of Phoenix scheduled on 12th, 13th, and 14th of April, the fire bird is ready to reach new heights of success. Phoenix has given exponentially since its nascent years and witness nearly a thousand footfalls each day from colleges accross India.


Phoenix is known for flapping its wings in all domains that cater to a student's all-round development. The events of Phoenix range from technical events of Robotics, coding events, pan-Indian Hackathons to non-technical events such as debate, writing, quiz and craft. Not only this Phoenix also has a quarter reserved for gamers, photographers, and aspiring entrepreneurs with gaming, photography, and management events. The silver lining of Phoenix, though, comes with the carnival and flash events, including fun races, shooting, zorbing and more.